Looks like MHz racing has reached the law of diminishing returns. Intel’s newest chips are running so hot that they’re actually slowing down. In fact, they’re slowing down to the point that they’re actually slower than the chips they replaced.

Intel has already started pushing in other directions–the Pentium M chip is lower MHz but better designed than other Pentiums. It’s not just for laptops–it’s a better chip strategy, and Intel is looking to expand the line. Oddly enough, the Pentium M didn’t come from Intel’s home office–it came from their Israeli branch.

I’m not sure why the failings of MHz are so difficult to explain. I mean, I can make a ’69 VW Beetle engine run at 8,000 rpm, but it’s still 53 horsepower (it would throw a rod inside of 30 seconds too, but that’s beside the point). Wouldn’t you rather have an engine that pulls 300 horsepower at 2,200 rpm?