From, May 25, 2004 news, people in line for the DVD talking to a New Line rep:

“We also talked about the EE DVD, and he told us to expect a January release, or late December, but that was unlikely. He added that they were looking at first releasing the EE in theatres, and that a ‘super-trilogy’ Tuesday was under consideration, but not a definite, while mentioning that last year’s EE releases were very lucrative for the studio.”

I had hoped to get the “EE” DVD for ROTK (Mike will ridicule me mercilessly for the overuse ot TLAs) by Thanksgiving, but oh, well. The possible theater showings were a cool surprise, though. You may have your chance yet, Brad. But at 3.5 hours, 3.5 hours, and at least 4 hours, we’re talking 12 hours of film including half hour breaks. Even I may not have the stamina for that.