I hate to put strong political opinions in here, and frankly I’m (as some people are tired of hearing me say) fiscally conservative and socially liberal. So I really, really try to see both sides of the argument(s).

But one thing that bugs me about this election on both sides is how it seems more like a football championship sometimes than a political debate. I mean this about the “spectators,” us plain folks. I see Democrats and Republicans trash the other side for negligible or questionable positions/incidents, but then go waaaaay out on a limb to rationalize serious shortcomings on their own side.

It’s weird to see. I swear sometimes that these people must be blind. To rage about the failing of a politician but then ignore or rationalize the same thing on “your own side”–that’s not being honest with yourself. Have things become so desperate that we can’t admit our own side’s faults?

Oh well–I always said that man was the rationalizing animal.