The President won four more years. I was really surprised–I predicted that Kerry would win over 314 electoral votes.

Oh well. Kerry was a flawed vessel anyway.

So George Bush won a second term, more than his father before him. I do think it’s time that we try–try really hard–to come together as a country. But I also have some hopes for the Bush second term presidency.

I hope that he drops the witch hunt against gay marriage.

I hope that he builds better partnerships in the world than we have in the last few years.

I hope that the bad parts of the Patriot Act continue to be struck down in court.

I hope that he guides us into much better energy innovations that reduce our heroin-like addiction to foreign oil.

And I hope that he realizes that a leader can say he made a mistake without seeming like less of a leader.

As for the rest of his platform, I don’t have a problem with it (except dropping Afghanistan like a toy we’re bored with–I wish we hadn’t done that). Heck, economically the deficit is so whacked out that it’s just surreal to me anyway. I know Mr. Bush believes in what he’s doing, and that he believes that his means justify his ends. I pray that he knows something we don’t, and that it all turns out OK.

(I wish Steve Forbes’ flat tax had more traction with America too, but that’s just a non sequitur)