I listened to a Podcast last week that was very uplifting.* I never knew how much was going on in the world until Alex Steffen from Worldchanging.com gave his talk about the cool things going on around the world. Cool “green” technology that really helps us live within the ecosphere of our world. It starts out a bit grim, but then it just takes off. It’s hard to describe why it’s so interesting–you just have to listen yourself. Really awesome stuff and well worth the 26 minutes. Go to this website to get the audio file–you can play the file with iTunes or WinAmp (and a portable MP3 player if you have one).

*What’s a Podcast? It’s basically a way to get sound files (e.g. radio talk shows) onto your computer to an MP# player, and then possibly onto a portable MP3 player. It’s a new movement (yes, I’d call it a movement), pioneered by Dave Winer and Adam Curry (yes, the ex-MTV VJ). Go to iPodder.org for more info. Onc eyou get set up with a few cool audio feeds, it’s really cool (but then, I like talk radio when I get tired of music).