What’s the deal with this phone pic, you ask?

Frankly, it was just a snapshot of a street in San Franciso where I witnessed the most amazing demonstrations of astoundingly inept parallel parking that I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, in the hour I was there (listening to an awesome blues band on the second floor, I might add), no one–and I mean no one–was able to park in the spaces across the street. Stunning. We were all remarking on it. I mean, look at them! It’s not like the room is tight there.

And I still never figured out what the “bush man” was doing down there with the branches (they’re hard to see in the picture, in front of the white car on the left). I thought he was homeless, but I don’t think many homeless people have cell phones.

Unless they do in San Francisco–I was just a stranger in a strange land…