I haven’t read his column in a while, but he’s writing about RB here.

He makes an excellent point about DLL versioning too–it makes my Windows boxes eally unstable over time. And then when I have to eventually (and inevitably) reinstall Windows, MS is often nasty about activating it for use. If you’re going to make me jump through hoops to use your software, don’t make it so that I have to rebuild it from scratch so often.

At any rate, tangential mini-rant aside, there’s nothing like REALbasic anywhere, really.

One interesting quote from the article about RB’s steep learning curve:

“Pet peeve: While many people think a steep learning curve means something is difficult to learn, what the term actually means is that the rate of learning is quick, which ought to mean that it is easier, not harder, to learn. Steep is good. Tell a friend.”

Yep, RB rules. It’s one of my top three resolutions to keep using it this year for several projects.

[Update–Corrected the capitalization of REALbasic. I habitually and incorrectly capitalize the name of the language because I’ve seen other versions of BASIC that do that. I’ve apparently yet to break my conditioning. –Dave]