I wanted to take my old microwave with me from the old house, but I didn’t think that the new owners would appreciate the gaping hole from ripping it out above the range.

So I got the Consumer Reports guide and went to the store. I found such an awesome deal. I mean, it was thirty bucks less than the CR price, it was top rated, and man, it had gobs of room inside. It was huge! Really awesome.

So I took it home and unpacked it and set it on the counter. And I looked at it and I said “Holy cow, this thing is huge!”

But not in a good way.

It barely fit on the counter. It crowded out drying dishes. It was a nice deal, sure, but not if I have no room to wash the dishes. Besides, it seemed to take over the kitchen. Y’know, like politicians seem to take over your phone around election time.

So back I went to the store to get the other (and smaller) CR best buy. Much nicer, still plenty of room, and as an added bonus, I’ve magically eliminated my wife’s sidelong glances and mumblings under her breath whenever she’s near that side of the kitchen.

After all, it’s the little things that count, right?