The poor cat is 15 years old now. This week was a crisis for him. He has a mass on the left side of his neck that has grown into his throat. He was having trouble breathing. The vet did a spectrum of tests and xrays, and got a sample of the mass for a biopsy. He thinks it’s cancerous.

Dart isn’t eating. He’s pretty quiet, a bit lethargic. The real shame is that cat or not, 15 years old or not, Dart is the coolest cat I ever knew (and we’ve had 3). He really seems like a human trapped in a cat body.

The biopsy comes back within 7 to 10 days, so we’ll know then. He’s reacting well to antibiotics, but in a week I may be taking him in to the vet for a final visit if he goes more downhill. Poor guy.