Apple is really using Intel Pentium chips in its Macs beginning next year. The Mac faithful are reeling. Some of them really think the sky is falling.

Seriously, folks. If you’re simply offended that Apple is moving to the “Dark Side,” you really need to rethink what makes Apple innovative. They use IDE drives. They use PCI cards from ATI. They use USB. The list goes on and on, industry standard components that are used in PCs everywhere.

The fact is that yes, Apple is a hardware company, but it’s always been the things it does with the hardware that make it great. It’s both the form and the function, and if Apple decides that Pentium chips make OS X function better, it’s a good bet that they know what they’re doing.

And an even better bet that they have some tricks and surprises up their sleeves to make this move look like magic in the making.