I’ve been hearing how the president’s approval rating has dropped to an all time low.

I’m surprised at how annoyed I am by this. It’s just ridiculous. I mean, has anything changed substantially since November? Not really. So to the “shifters” my question is this: if you voted your morals last year, have you just lost them now? If you have your morals now, then why did you vote for the guy then?

It’s irritating to me that people don’t like the guy now, but they voted him in last election. The public is fickle. If you felt so strongly that you had to vote for President Bush last November, then you might as well stick by him now. Don’t bother to give moderates and liberals dangling hopes that you’ve “seen the light” (although frankly, they’d be fools to buy into it).

I don’t think after last year that anyone should trust any “trends” in the public and politics. Or polling, for that matter.