Most people who met him said that very same thing–what a cool cat.

So now he’s gone.

He seemed to rally in past weeks, but I think he was just holding on to stay with us. He just fell apart this morning, to put a kind face on it. He struggled through the day, and I took him to the vet at eight tonight to put him to sleep.

The hard part today was when Drew broke down crying. He didn’t want Dart to die. We told him that Dart wasn’t coming back, but he said he thought things might change. He made Dart a little get well card and sent it with Dart and me to the vet.

Dart was in even worse shape than we thought. His circulation was so poor that they had to use a leg vein for the shot, and try three times to get the needle in properly. I skritched his head, and he purred right until he went to sleep. Forever.

I thought I would be OK, but I broke several times. But even the doctor teared up.

We’ve had three cats, but Dart seemed like he was more. He was different.

He was a cool cat.

I guess that’s all I have to say.