So it looks like biodiesel is a pretty good alternative. In fact Worley and Obetz are selling biodiesel at the pump in nearby Manheim and in my town any day now.

So I just need a diesel car…maybe a used Jetta Ecodiesel model.

Yeah. A VW again. Cool. I’ll look on Ebay.

Hmm. Not much on Ebay, but…wait! Look-an awesome car! Rebuilt turbo diesel engine, upgraded drivetrain, special car features, more. The perfect car. 28-35 mpg, even for a vehicle its size.

But then I show it to my wife. And she says “If you buy another Vanagon Camper, you’ll be sleeping in it, so I hope it has a good heater in addition to the diesel engine.”

Sniff, sniff. Good-bye, cool opportunity. I was even willing to drive you back from Denver, Colorado.

Guess I’ll have to look further for my renewable-energy vehicle. And all I wanted was to save the environment.