They’re both somewhat persecuted nowadays, in a loose sense of the word. I thought that Help! Mom! There are Liberals UInder My Bed! was just a joke, but apparently it’s a real children’s book. Jeez, I never knew how the liberals were out to get all our money for wasteful “causes.” Bleeding hearts, always out to make the world better or some such nonsense. At least that’s what our old friend Niner would say (old inside joke).

Not to stir up another storm in the comments (my conservative, moderate, and liberal friends are very decent people but have strong opinions), but the book just seems weird. I wonder what it is about our society today that divides good people so sharply? It seems like primal forces venting in weird ways.

Forget about this stuff, though. I’m still sniffling over the diesel Vanagon (see previous post).