Because they did it already. We’re now officially into our strategic oil reserves.

But, as the article says:

“The government’s oil “is not going to be of much help unless we get refineries running again,” said Adam Sieminski, global oil strategist at Deutsche Bank AG in New York, before the announcement. “Releasing oil from the SPR right now would be actually inappropriate because there would be no place to put it.”

On the other hand, supporting my belief that our economy is bult on mob psychology (or mass psychosis, however you misuse the terms):

““Whether it makes a physical difference or not is irrelevant,” Goldstein [president of the Petroleum Industry Research Foundation in New York] said. Government statements about the national stockpile had “a very important psychological impact because they came out early.”

Maybe my recent biodiesel obsession is more of a good idea now…if we can’t drill for fuel, maybe we should grow it instead.