Yes, use BitTorrents legally, to download these gems that no one cared enough about to keep out of the public domain…

Note that the quality of entertainment may vary among the selections. (grin)

Although, I recognized a bunch of movies from Dr. Shock’s Saturday afternoon horror shows in Philly in the ’70s (I can’t remember the names of the shows, but I bet Kevin can). Hey, Kevin, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe is there, every episode of the serial. Cool.

(here’s the site)

If you need a Torrent client, the one I’ve found to be good on Windows and Mac is Azureus. I took a fling at the beginning with downloading a few TV shows (shame on me), but I only use it with legal downloads, and the number of them seem to be growing. I use it for the video of the TWIT shows, for instance. Interesting technology.