Rudolph’s Big Nose Problem!
By Drew

One snowy day at the North Pole, Santa went to feed Rudolph and the other reindeer. Then he noticed that Rudolph’s nose….was yellow!!!!!!!! With an X!!!! “Oh Dear”, said Santa. Then he told Mrs. Claus. Then they told the whole city and then the town. Then everybody was sad.

Next, they gave him water with red food coloring… but that didn’t work!

After that, they took him to a hockey game. But he had bad trouble getting his head on the seat because of his horns. So then Santa and Mrs. Claus led Rudolph to the nose bleed section!

Finally, “It worked!” said, Santa. The blood rushed to his nose but couldn’t get out.
Later, they told the city and town again. Now, the town and city were happy again. His nose was red again.