January 2002

New Blog awards are in! WilWheatonDotNet won a bunch of awards, and SlashDot won its category. This is the first time that the sites I voted for won–this never happens to me in political elections…

Ironically, yesterday I sent out an email to may staff telling them not to open the “myparty.yahoo.com” email virus.

Brad says Alanis’s “Ironic” isn’t at all ironic. Matt Sturges agrees.

OK–I just received a tech request to change an email account from a married name to a single name. Since we just changed this name to the married name a few months ago, I questioned it. It turns out that the person in question eloped, and now doesn’t want her parents to know. So a person’s relationship with her parents has mutated into a formal tech request requiring Tech Services intervention. You think you’ve heard everything…

Hmmmm. Looks like the DVD edition of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring will contain thirty minutes of extra footage and come out in time to prime us for The Two Towers. Awesome!

Speaking of Lord of the Rings, why wait for the DVD? Just download the Quicktime movie here. Starring Humphrey Bogart as Frodo, Orson Welles as Saruman, and Peter Lorre as Gollum, it’s the film noir classic version of everybody’s favorite trilogy (I’m not kidding about the cast–I laughed a lot watching this one. See for yourself!)

There’s no specific incident that inspired this (that I would post on the Internet, anyway), but some people I know just completely lose their common sense when they touch technology. For no reason. They would be road pizza on the information superhighway. It’s been that kind of day.

Speaking of tough days, does it take guts to say that “It Takes Guts to say Jesus” is a hoax? At least Code Adam is real, although I don’t think the apocryphal tale of the half-shaven-headed child is true. Though I did hear lately that coworker Mike has strapped a JATO rocket to his Corrado….or maybe that’s just the way he drives…

Interesting article about WinXP security and Microsoft’s attitude about it. Steve Gibson posted his reaction to a meeting with MS last summer over XP security and the use of raw sockets. This kind of info makes it hard for me to move to XP this coming summer for my PC purchases….

SlashDot has a mention of the Apollo 1 tragedy. As I recall, the flight was a test flight (#214?) and was renamed Apollo 1 retroactively (and posthumously). When I attended Florida Institute of Technology (near Cape Canaveral), my dorm room was 202 Grissom Hall. Kennedy said we’d put a man on the Moon within the decade, and we did. A lot of heroes put their lives on the line–literally–to make that dream happen. I’m glad to see that some of these sacrifices aren’t forgotten as time passes on.

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