May 2006

Jerry’s version is a pretty good rendition.

By the way, when I mean I like the slow version, I mean really slow. My favorite version is over 8 minutes long and makes me wonder how slow Canon in D was originally meant to be played.

in a sophomoric kind of way. I thought it was hilarious, but then, it doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Karl Rove has apparently been indicted?

OK–some of you have heard this, but I feel compelled to tell the rest of you…

We bought slightly oversized sneakers for Drew (six years old now!) last spring, thinking that he’d grow into them. Now, the sneakers are practically worn out, and they still don’t quite fit.

So, one day after playtime he told us that his feet hurt. He took off his shoes and socks and showed us toes that were rubbed raw. We were a bit shocked. It was definitely time to get him new sneakers, and ones that fit this time!

But that would be a few days away. The next day, Drew went on a field trip with his class at school. His teacher noticed that he was lagging behind the other children and asked him what was up.

“My feet hurt,” Drew said. So his teacher took off a sneaker and a sock, and saw the raw toes. She felt so badly for him that she immediately got some band aids for his little toes. I felt terrible when I heard about this–I mean, what kind of parent am I to let this serious situation slide?

Until she told us the rest of the story.

Suddenly suspicious, she asked Drew to take off his sneakers. As she shook them, out came a small rock from each piece of footwear. She asked Drew the obvious question. His answer?

“Oh, don’t take those out! Those are my lucky rocks!”

And that is the magic that is my son Drew.