January 2007

At least for a few days. Good flash-based strategy game, although to really score big requires some boring, mind-numbing, tedious strategy from the get-go.

It’s great to teach personal economics too, although I think I’ll fail to maximize my gold points in the game for some of the same reasons I’ll never be a millionaire…

I, Cthulhu, by one of my favorite authors.

Fun to read, especially after my friend Kevin sent me a link to a good Lovecraftian script he wrote.

So I don’t play them much, unless I’m just tooling around with friends, or playing a puzzle-oriented game.

So for those of you with better hand to eye coordination, and possible more nostalgia regarding classic games, might like the Macintosh Garden site.

Lots o’ free stuff. Even Oregon Trail, or as I like to call it, Let’s All Follow Dan and Anne.

Of course, those of us with Intel Macs will need to find Classic emulators now.