November 2004

I can buy Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day now on the iTunes Music Store. I’d heard it in San Francisco on 105.3 FM and I wanted to download it. I’d like to be able to buy the whole Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams song that I’d heard, but that’s an “Album Only” song (Green Day’s new album American Idiot). Maybe later.

I mean, really. My work environment doesn’t matter. I control my attitude, and hey–it’s not like I’m a Marine braving death in Iraq or a starving refugee in the third world.

Seriously, we Americans are so spoiled sometimes. I’m a lucky guy and actually, life is good.

You know, I still feel strongly about the angry post yesterday, but I’ve really thought about deleting it. I just hate to have negativity hanging around–the world has too much venom in it, and frankly work has a majority of honestly great people (despite the few poisoners who should burn at the stake). But I’ve never deleted a post before–I don’t like to censor anyone, even myself.

I’d leave the comments up, though. Josh was right–I think I can take credit for all of Mike’s and Dan’s Tourette’s Syndrome.

Wait, that didn’t come out right….

Or at least I was there with him for his after-talk session in the small conference room. His talk was great–he’s deep into music software, and very withit and funny. Hey, I even took a picture:

Sure, the pic is blurry, but that’s really Stewart Copeland.

Seriously, that’s him.

Really, that’s him.

Really! I swear!

…and I’m watching The Thirsty Traveler, and the absinthe episode is interesting.

But I gotta tell ya, the absinthe-laced snail dish they’re making is grossing me out.

What’s the deal with this phone pic, you ask?

Frankly, it was just a snapshot of a street in San Franciso where I witnessed the most amazing demonstrations of astoundingly inept parallel parking that I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, in the hour I was there (listening to an awesome blues band on the second floor, I might add), no one–and I mean no one–was able to park in the spaces across the street. Stunning. We were all remarking on it. I mean, look at them! It’s not like the room is tight there.

And I still never figured out what the “bush man” was doing down there with the branches (they’re hard to see in the picture, in front of the white car on the left). I thought he was homeless, but I don’t think many homeless people have cell phones.

Unless they do in San Francisco–I was just a stranger in a strange land…

[Well folks, I decided to delete this post, something I’ve never done before. When it comes down to it, in my position it’s questionable what I can say re:work, even in a personal weblog where I never directly identify my employer. And more importantly, I don’t want my supervisor, who is awesome, to ever have to explain to the powers that be why I posted this, regardless of its veracity. No harm, no foul]

Just look here for a convincing representation of my work environment last week (and over the weekend).

Although I think that Strong Bad was actually Mike, and one of our users was “patient zero” when the worm was brought in on a laptop from home (as far as we can trace).

Of course, tonight was fun too, when I came home and discovered that my cat Dart had knocked a mostly full pitcher of red Kool-Aide all over the floor sometime today. It spread all under the island. And all under the cabinets.

Come to think of it, it really wasn’t that much different from the work situation.

Except that at least I could identify the Kool-Aide and clean it up, unlike the worm at work.

Well guys, believe it.

Now available at the Apple Store. Get all six colors!

Good for keeping your iPod from getting frostbite during the cold, long winter months ahead…

I haven’t seen America quite like this since the ’70s, but that’s another story…


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