May 2004

I found a link in Dana Carpender’s LowCarbezine newsletter about a new food show on the Food Network called Low Carb & Lovin’ It. I set the TiVO to tape all the shows and I’m watching the first one right now. It rocks; it’s about low carb comfort foods.

By the way, you can see in the intro that this guy’s family lost a combined five hundred and sixty pounds (yes, 560 lbs.) on his low carb cooking.

I think this is a show I’m going to watch a lot.

Oh–hey Josh, thanks for the heads up on the Asian grocery in Lancaster (for the Chinese Five Spice Powder). not sure if I’m up to the eye of bat, though.(!)

From, May 25, 2004 news, people in line for the DVD talking to a New Line rep:

“We also talked about the EE DVD, and he told us to expect a January release, or late December, but that was unlikely. He added that they were looking at first releasing the EE in theatres, and that a ‘super-trilogy’ Tuesday was under consideration, but not a definite, while mentioning that last year’s EE releases were very lucrative for the studio.”

I had hoped to get the “EE” DVD for ROTK (Mike will ridicule me mercilessly for the overuse ot TLAs) by Thanksgiving, but oh, well. The possible theater showings were a cool surprise, though. You may have your chance yet, Brad. But at 3.5 hours, 3.5 hours, and at least 4 hours, we’re talking 12 hours of film including half hour breaks. Even I may not have the stamina for that.

My wife and I were talking on our cell phones today and we both happened to be tuned to NPR. I noticed that I heard her radio a split second after mine. She said hers was first though, and mine was later. Then I realized that the digital cell network was causing a delay between us. It happens all the time, but unless you notice a radio or something like I did, you’d never know it.

So the point is that on digital cell phones, a live conversation is an impossibility. I’m never talking live to my wife; I’m talking to a voice recording, a digital reproduction of her words a split second later. We never actually speak with each other directly.

A little weird if you think about it.

So I’m pushing low carb again. I’m desperate–I was over 250 again (254, to be exact) and I was feeling crappy, tired, just not energetic.

So I go on the diet again and a week later I’m 7 pounds lighter and feeling much, much better.


Low carb eating requires variety if you want to make it a lifetime diet. That means you have to build thst variety into your foodstuffs and seasonings, which requires a bit of menu planning. I mean, I made a killer beef stew the other night with some leftover red peppers, onions, and mushrooms along with my chuck roast, but that doesn’t happen that often (chop it all up and put in a pot on low for an hour and a half with some red wine, beef broth, worcestershire sauce, and steak seasoning , by the way–it turns tender and you can thicken up the juice by putting it through the blender with some sprinkled Xanthan gum).

So the two ingredients I can’t find are “Chinese Five Spice Powder” and Asian “fish sauce.” The five spice powder is supposedly available everywhere, but I haven’t seen it anywhere in Pennsylvania Dutch country. I can widen my cuisine choices with this stuff, but I guess I have to hunt down a food store that has it (since I’m not into making it myself).

Then I have to find a steady supply of low carb tortillas, since no one around here has them. The quest continues…

Well, one reason I was so excited to get satellite dish service back last month was TechTV. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Comcast bought TechTV and is merging it with their own G4 gaming network. They have a webpage about the new “G4TechTV” network that explains a bit about the merger.

They say they’re keeping The Screensavers, but they’ve given notice to everyone at TechTV. The only staff who get to stay are the ones who want to relocate from San Francisco to LA (and if you’ve never been to California, you might not know how far apart these two cities are).


Looks like MHz racing has reached the law of diminishing returns. Intel’s newest chips are running so hot that they’re actually slowing down. In fact, they’re slowing down to the point that they’re actually slower than the chips they replaced.

Intel has already started pushing in other directions–the Pentium M chip is lower MHz but better designed than other Pentiums. It’s not just for laptops–it’s a better chip strategy, and Intel is looking to expand the line. Oddly enough, the Pentium M didn’t come from Intel’s home office–it came from their Israeli branch.

I’m not sure why the failings of MHz are so difficult to explain. I mean, I can make a ’69 VW Beetle engine run at 8,000 rpm, but it’s still 53 horsepower (it would throw a rod inside of 30 seconds too, but that’s beside the point). Wouldn’t you rather have an engine that pulls 300 horsepower at 2,200 rpm?

But I find this site just too funny. Maybe it’s even real.

Thanks again, Metafilter.

City of Heroes may be the answer for multiplayer suprehero games. I’m lousy at games, but I’d give it a spin. Maybe they’ll take Freedom Force CDs as trade-ins…

Yes, Homestarrunner has a Wiki now (it’s hard to describe a wiki–it’s kind of a website encyclopedia with multiple authors–just check it out). The Secret Pages is a nice treat.

We went camping last week, and we had a lot of fun with our friends. Alyssa gathered up 18 seashells, even though we were just in the beginning of the Chesapeake Bay. How do I know that it was 18 seashells? Because I picked all 18 out of the washer later, along with 4 small rocks that Drew had collected.

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