March 2004

I ran across a pic of David Mancuso on the Loft site on Sunday.

David Mancuso the DJ

Definitely not me.

Me and Drew in summer 2003&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspMe in 2001

See? With or without goatee, I’m my own guy.

I am thinking about growing my hair that long, though. Like Sister Catherine Immaculee in first grade said, “Always keep your hair long, David–that way I have something to pull when you’re not behaving.”

Anyone who thinks that children don’t pick up on things sometimes hasn’t seen their five year old spontaneously act out Bringing Down the House (complete with homeboy choreography) four months after it was shown at Uncle Keith’s house, with no advance notice.

Or at least a viewing? Check them out here.

Actually, I’ve seen a number of these, and they’re quite good.

Here are all the details (if you’re willing to spend $20 for the guide on how to prep your songs digitally and get the contract done).

If I recall correctly though, Brad told me that can publish your songs on iTunes as well for a 9% cut.

The PowerPage seems to be pretty certain about this.

One more power bump with the same form factor before G5 PowerBooks hit sometime in the future with new form factor (the picture with the PowerPage article is an artist’s concept of a dream form factor, not what a real one will look like).

Hm. I wonder how long it will really take for a G5 PowerBook?

If you didn’t know already, MS Word can track your changes as you revise documents. If you later post your document in a publicly accessible forum (like on a web site), be aware that people can dig into your document for the old words you’ve carefully deleted out when making your final copies. some of these rough draft sentences can be potentially embarrassing, as you can see here. It’s not exactly playing fair to dissect documents like this, but you yourself should know that your words may be resurrected against your wishes.

Again, not me, despite what similarities the guys at work might see….

From GrandSlam Magazine, an article about David Mancuso. Choice quotes include:

“Mancuso, a Sixties seeker, like many of his generation, had been profoundly affected by acid guru Timothy Leary”


“Mancuso, in accordance with Buddhist principles, relinquished his material belongings to, in effect, follow the way of the monk. Only problem being that there was no monastery for him to retreat to where likeminded people could have helped him on his journey within, so instead he found himself admitted to the psychiatric ward of New York’s Bellevue Hospital.”


“Having said this, it’s only now, thanks to “Love Saves The Day”, that the Leary / Mancuso connection becomes crucial to our understanding of the origins of dance culture.”


“…if there was anybody worthy of this title it would surely be David Mancuso, who is often described as a somewhat mystical figure…”

What can I say?

MAESTRO takes you into the world of Larry Levan, Paradise Garage; David Mancuso, The Loft, as they formed the center piece within the underground culture as it evolved into dance music of today.

Um, except that this isn’t me. Although some have accused me of having dark ties with disco music, this guy is the real thing. A DJ that changed the scene in 1970 in New York City–David Mancuso.

From the Maestro website:
MAESTRO takes you into the world of Larry Levan, Paradise Garage; David Mancuso, The Loft, as they formed the center piece within the underground culture as it evolved into dance music of today.”

Maestro is playing in only a few select theatres, but I want to catch it on DVD when it becomes available.

Just download it and enjoy as long as it’s there (6.8 megs but well worth it, especially if you’ve heard Hey Ya, this year’s Grammy winner for Best Urban/Alternative Performance). (Thanks to Lu’s Locker for the link)

It’s come a looong way, believe me. Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) is rock solid and works great. It’s funny, I never hear the “Apple’s going out of business” stories anymore.

Really though, all operating systems have come a long way. XP was a nice facelift over Windows 2000, although 2000 was the real step forward. I’m looking forward to Longhorn in a few years, although I think Microsoft is bloating it up to provide features that they think will make us upgrade. That’s the problem with a marketing-driven company where the revenue is based on upgrades and new product sales. They have to think up “features” that we may never use or care about. In fact I just postulated a theory that Microsoft could market and sell a slim word processor with just the features you absolutely need and probably make it profitable. I’d buy it. Maybe.

Also, Linux is getting better. My last install of SUSE Linux went great–I put it on an old Acer but then repartitioned my PC laptop hard drive and put it alongside Windows XP in a dual boot scenario. the only problem is that anything I install has to be hand-built and compiled. Linux will never succeed in the consumer desktop market if it doesn’t have binary, self-building installer files. You shouldn’t have to hack into the command line to install a printer.

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