January 2006

I wonder what Jobs has for us this time? I think that Foxtrot wonders too.

I was showing the kids a couple of little movies on my computer–puppet shows from vacation, you know the stuff.

But then I ran across the werbung movie, the one with the little car going around the mountain lane? The one where the ghoul jumps up in front of the camera and screams?

Yeah, I showed that to Alyssa and Drew. I told them it was scary at the end, but Drew put his face close to the screen too quickly for me to stop him. Then the ghoul jumped up in his face. The look on his face was truly horrified. I think I scared a year’s growth off him, and he doesn’t have that much to spare.

Now he wants Mommy to sleep with him. Not Daddy. Daddy is in trouble with Mommy. As soon as Mommy stops laughing, that is. Then I’m in big, big trouble.


But this one takes the cake. Click here.

So these were the top ten moments of 2005 on the web, huh?

How did I possibly miss the Numa Numa Dance? More importantly, having successfully missed it in 2005, why did I have to be subjected to it now? Or the spawned imitations?

For extra credit (or extra dedication to pain), see this song (good animation), or this song ( the better song I thought, but my wife liked the first one better–she thought the bunny was cute).

2006 promises to be very interesting. I hope you and yours have a very happy year.

Oh, and get this. You’ve heard that you should eat pork and sauerkraut for good luck on New Year’s Day? Oh, you didn’t? Neither did I until I moved to this area.

But yesterday at the post office, the clerk swore that you should never eat chicken, turkey, or any bird product on January 1. Why? Because you’ll be “scratching for money all year.” She told all of us in line to even be careful of hot dogs, because they sometimes have chicken or turkey in them.

Huh. Man, I must have been eating chicken every New Year’s Day since I can remember–it would explain the scratching for money part…

So you might dig Primer?

It was made for a scant $7,000. It impressed Roger Ebert, though. The official movie site is here, and I guess you can buy it from Amazon for $20.99.