September 2003

As I muscle things at work back onto shape by sheer force of will (I’m serious–that’s what it’s like), a weblink that Brad showed me gives me the first real belly laugh in weeks. You’ve got to see it–here’s the link. I think it works best if you played video games throughout the ’80s and early ’90s (I didn’t, but I think it was hilarious anyway).

By the way, work is beginning to come together, and we’re all beginning to feel human again. Either that or I’ve gone off the deep end and didn’t notice it.

Maybe both! (Heh heh. Heh heh. Um, yeah.)

After showing the kids pics of my old Vanagon Camper last night and putting them to bed, I spent an hour looking at VW campers on eBay, forlornly trying to figure out how to buy one again cheaply.

I am so pathetic.

Alyssa my darling girl, my first born bright little star:

I tell you lovingly for the umpteenth time that when you give me and your mother an envelope to open up with a present inside, you don’t need to put so much glue on your project that the entire thing is glued hopelessly shut.

At least you never seem to mind much (“Oh well, Daddy–you can still see what’s inside, kind of.”). That’s my girl.

I upgraded my Mac OS X laptop to 10.2.8 and lost my network settings. I rebuilt them quickly, but had to run “Repair Permissions” to get them to stay. It’s pronounced Mac OS “Ten” by the way, not “ex.”

Of course, I’ve just spent a week upgrading Windows XP machines with Blaster worm protection and numerous other updates, including a modem upgrade that rendered the modem useless.

Yep, this is job security.

Looks like VW’s new Microbus is still slated for production in the 2006 model year, according to AutoWeek magazine.

I don’t know, though. It seems that Ford might discontinue the Econoline in 2006 and replace it with a lighter version from their UK division: the Ford Transit. VW may not make a camping version with a poptop bed, but I’m pretty sure that GTRV will make one for the Transit.

Someone asked me today in the Ollie’s parking lot if “they still make those things,” regarding my van. Someone asks me this at least once every few weeks. Is my van that unusual?

They still make full-sized conversion vans. Really. they do.

I just wanted to note that my old Sesame Street Vitamin post continues to garner comments. People are sharing the phone number to persuade the old manufacturer (McNeil, it seems) to produce the vitamins again (the number is 800-962-5357, by the way). It seems that the manufacturer is getting a significant amount of feedback, too.

Hey, they are good vitamins. They were the only ones on the shelves that were well balanced, too (the others have odd amounts of various vitamins).

I just wanted (also) to note that when I ranted about PowerSchool last week, I was ranting not about PowerSchool (which I believe in), but about my support setup. I’m not happy at all with the way we support PowerSchool, but the meeting we had last week was a great step in the right direction.

I say this because my rant post has apparently been making the rounds, unfortunately. Just wanted to be clear.

Alyssa yanked her front tooth partway out in a bizarre jumping rope incident. The doctor on call said to take her to Hershey Medical Center to remove the tooth completely. Denise drove to Hershey Med. They refused to look at her (they didn’t have a dentist on staff).

So they told Denise to take her to York (50 minutes away) or to call our own dentist. Our own dentist (who is awesome, by the way) told us that the previous advice was ridiculous–Alyssa could sleep on it and see if the tooth came out or tightened up (my own thoughts all along–it was crooked, but not dangling).

It’s been two days–the tooth stayed in, just a bit crooked. But now Alyssa wants it to fall out so that the Tooth Fairy gives her a little something for it. Unfortunately, Aunt Lisa told her that the Tooth Fairy leaves her one hundred dollars.

I told Alyssa that one hundred pennies is more like it…

Cool. Koyaanisqatsi is being performed at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg on September 29. This isn’t just a movie showing–Phillip Glass is performing the soundtrack live to accompany the screening.

Kevin just lent me the DVD of this film, too–I just watched it last week (with the kids, no less–they were fascinated).

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