April 2005

And people have been asking me what’s up–the website hasn’t been updated in a while.

Well, between selling the house, renting the temporary townhouse, looking for a lot or good house to build on/buy, trying to figure out where the best place for the kids is next year (same place they are now, really, if we can swing it), some extended family life changes, odd things going on at work, working with Tangelo, beginning to write TaskMaster, some heavy duty PHP/RB/PostgreSQL projects, budget time, and some awesome opportunities that I’ll tell more about later (if they pan out), um…..

I’ve not had much time to add things to the website.

But, I hope at the end of this month, after we move into the townhouse and settle on selling our current home, that you’ll see some interesting things here. I have a great backlog of things to put here and discuss. I may even set up a forum and/or a wiki for some more discussion about hot (as in controversial) topics.

(Man. Did I say this month? I meant May. Isn’t April over yet? It’s been two months worth of time this month already.)

But seriously, on the WE network tonight, a show of Prince Charles’ wedding to Camilla Parker-Bowles is sandwiched in between repeat showings of the movie Death Becomes Her. Just a coincidence, or someone’s weird idea of a poor joke (if you’ve seen the movie, that is—a black comedy about obsession with beauty among other things)?

It just really seems like no one can leave this couple alone, and now I’m even seeing digs where they probably don’t exist.

Jerry Springer now has his own radio show on Air America. It’s political. He’s serious. This is no April Fool’s joke.

It makes more sense when you find out that he was in politics before television, and that his television show was actually a real talk show before he sold out for shock show dollars.

So, even though watching his TV show is like watching a train wreck (I’ve seen pieces of it several times, but it’s tough to watch, believe me), who knows if his radio show will redeem his rep?

Maybe too little, too late?