April 2004

Is there nothing I won’t do to win a free song from the iTunes music store?

Apparently not. I registered with the site yesterday and got my credit for the free song on the ITMS tonight.

I downloaded the new iTunes 4.5 and there are three features that I really like:

1) Free songs–one per week, and this first week they’re doing one per day (although I passed up the Courtney Love song–even I have standards, as low as they may be).

2) Party Lists–The mix that iTunes makes doesn’t allow for the wild variation in style between my songs, but it’s nice to hear songs that I’ve forgotten to put into playlists. With my ripped CDs, I have over 2,000 songs in iTunes, and some of them get lost in the shuffle, so to speak.

3) Radio Charts–This is nice, to find my favorite stations and sample their on air playlists, buying the songs I like. I went instantly to Philly and 88.5 WXPN, and it was right there.

Nice. And still .99 per song.

Kevin sent me a link the other day, to this web page. At first glance, I wondered what the big deal was. And then I started to read it.

I don’t know about you, but the site was magnetic to me. It really drew me in. I never knew what really happened there; I don’t think that the West knew the full story. of Chernobyl or what’s happened since.

I think that some people at work need to find better things to do at the end of the day than this kind of activity. They really blew the lid off my planned hairstyle change–now it’ll have to be something completely different.

And why do I look like that painter guy from PBS a few years ago?

It’s interesting to see pressure mount on news media to “get the news first!” the pressure is self-inflicted, but based ultimately on advertising dollars (isn’t everything based on dollars or power? The ultimate greases that make the worldgears revolve).

This time it’s The Onion that makes the “normal” news media circus look like Ripley’s Believe it Or Not. Traditional news media are starting to use sites like The Onion for serious sources, because they dont’ fact check properly and don’t know any better. So we’re starting to see news parodies taken as news fact.

Here see here and here to read for yourself.

So eventually we’ll be reading urban legends as fact, and “reality” will be even further skewed toward fantasy.

It’s all a meme, people.

Apparently I’ve been dropping the “S” word around the house too much. My children have caught me at it, and boy do they let me know. “Oooooooooohhhhh! Daddy said the “S” word!!!!!”

I know it’s bad, and that five and six year old children shouldn’t be exposed to these words. I’ve made a promise to not use the word around the house, but sometimes it slips out.

And they catch me, and again they waste no time in letting me have it: “Daddy, you said it again!”

Yes, the “S” word: Stupid.

After sickness and on to health, I come back. just a bit of posting tonight, but much more later.

Or does it? I’d be ticked if I were one of these restaurant patrons. The owner calls the police because I’m eating too much roast beef from the buffet? (Yes, to be fair, the owner called the police because when he approached the customers and told them to stop eating roast beef, they asked for their money back. Still, pretty weak.)

Here’s the full story. By the way, isn’t it funny that low carb food is the more expensive foodstuffs? Couldn’t have something to do with nutrition content, could it?

The Nokia 6600:

The Nokia 6600 cell phone

I’ve been waiting since October for it to become available in the states.
It should be here by Wednesday or Thursday. Woohoo!

I’m watching Inside the Actor’s Studio tonight (actually a TiVoed recording from earlier), and James Lipton is interiewing Tom Cruise. When they got to the film Magnolia, everyone cheered. I hadn’t known it got Oscar nominations.

Was it really that good a movie? If I recall correctly, I remember that Brad wasn’t too impressed by it. Should I check it out? Why was it so highly regarded?

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