November 2002

Pretty cool. Go to and put Dave Mancuso in–I’m the second top hit (and third, etc.)

Yep, that’s me all right. Look what they say about me:

“David Mancuso is the true pioneer of the modern clubbing”

Remember when I talked about the Hershey Trust trying to sell (for all practical purposes) ownership of Hershey Foods? Well, they backed out after the HUGE public outcry. But that wasn’t the end. The trust Board is in discussions over the “changing of the guard,” so to speak. The Board may be downsized from 17 members to 13, with 10 members leaving and not all of them being replaced. The Board will have representation from the Hershey School’s alumni organization and other balanced representation.

Score one for ideals over dollars. I’m still stunned at how badly the Board misjudged the impact of its actions. I guess they understand now.

Apparently the reason my Titanium PowerBook died last week was because of a software conflict with the TalkBack application that now comes with Chimera. The conflict may actually be between TalkBack and Norton Antivirus, which was installed at the time.

The TalkBack application will send info to the programmers if Chimera crashes so that they can help eradicate bugs.

Chimera is pretty stable now, though. It’s really become my browser of choice.

From SlashDot:
State Coalition Approves Internet Sales Tax Plan [Slashdot]

Great. Well, we knew it was only a matter of time. The honeymoon’s over, folks.

(Time to resurface from the ether):
Vivato is introducing a wireless product that allows you to handle hundreds of users at incredible ranges (Wired has a good story). The key? The specially designed antenna:

” To demonstrate how this works, one Vivato engineer launched a live audio stream from the Net on a laptop, then cavalierly carried it out of the meeting room, into the elevator, down to the first floor, across the building’s lobby, out into the street, and three doors down to the nearby McDonald’s — without the live MP3 stream pausing to rebuffer during several minutes of constant motion.

Belanger joked, “Just wait. That sucks compared to the product.” “

Heck, I just want to hang out on the back porch in the summers and surf like I do indoors.

Chimera hit .6 today! And my PowerBook (which melted down today, and which I’ve just recovered from) welcomes it with open arms.

I actually thought that Chimera killed my PowerBook in conjunction with Radio Userland (the app that powers this site), but it now seems more likely that it was a freak accident involving QuickMail.

Hoser app.