November 2005 seems to think so. I’m not much into games, but it held my attention for at least, um, 22 seconds.

Oh, the game is here.

Yep, they’re remaking The Prisoner.

I’m just shaking my head over it. First, how can they do that? The original was unique. Secondly, why? What can they possibly add to the concept?

I’m not expecting great, or even passable, things from this remake. It may not really matter in the end, though. Six of one, y’know…

The Steadman band has broken with its label(s), and they’ve released their entire catalogue online at their website for free download. The TWIT podcast last week said that Paul McCartney praised the band pretty highly, but hey–you can freely download every song and decide for yourself.

The list is here.

I’ve read, um, twelve of them. I’ve never completely read 1984, never read Cryptonomicon, am sorely lacking on Philip K. Dick (although I have the feeling that they’re all similar), missed Pratchett, and have never heard of numbers 14, 19, and 20.

Huh. I would have thought that I was more of a geek than that, but it makes sense–I’m more Golden and Silver Age Scifi.