February 2007

Woo hoo!

[This is something Alyssa wrote for last Thanksgiving (she’s 9). We’ve just gotten around to transcribing it, so enjoy! –Dave]

The Mystery Turkey

It was Thanksgiving day. Just as everyone sat down to the Thanksgiving table, the turkey became alive! Then the turkey opened the door and ran outside.

We chased after him, but he was too fast. So we didn’t catch him. We all went back inside and instead of turkey we had the dessert and side dishes.

That night I went to sleep. The next day I was on a mystery. I decided to investigate. I saw that the oven didn’t have an oven mitt on the handle. I thought maybe my dad put it in the drawer. I checked. It wasn’t there. I checked in all the other drawers. It wasn’t in any other.

I know that my stove usually is hot for 3 days. It wasn’t. It was as cold as ice. Clue number 2- I was starting to think that the turkey was never cooked. Then I found another clue…the day before the turkey was cooked, my mom cleaned the oven. Then the turkey was cooked but there was no grease? That was clue number 3. I had enough clues to tell that the turkey wasn’t cooked.

Then I had one more clue. My dad baked the turkey but he was on a vacation when we had our dinner. So then I put all the clues together and it all made sense.

Since my dad wasn’t here when the turkey ran away, then he forgot to cook the turkey. He didn’t admit it at Thanksgiving because he was not there. So now it all made sense and the mystery was solved.

By Alyssa