March 2003

And just for Brad: The Harvard Doctorate on the history of Weezer.

Hmmm. According to Metafilter, is is now illegal to smoke in any indoor public place in New York city.

From the Bell System Memorial website, the first car phone.

A mixed metaphor I use to use a lot for fun (but one I usually meant):

I guess we’ll just burn that bridge when we get to it.

I went to pick up pizza last night, and as is often the case at night, I wanted to listen to talk radio. Usually I do this on longer drives, but heck, why not? Sometimes I listen to financial talk radio, but more often I like to pick up Christian talk radio–I’m fascinated by the shows I hear.

So I tune in good old 94.5, “The Voice,” and I pick up the strangest radio show. It’s a girl out on a date with a boy at a bowling alley, but she’s upset because she thinks the boy is mixed up in something bad because of what she saw on his computer screen before they left his apartment (wait, it gets better). After they have an “intense” conversation in which she keeps bowling strikes–in the next lane over–she asks him to take her home because she’s too upset to be with him. The next day she meets her friends at a soda shop where the owner–a “Pops” kind of character–listens to her story and checks it out. Finally, this episode ends with Pops coming back to tell them that the boy (Eugene) is apparently working on something that turns brain waves into radio waves for a sinister corporation. This is the cliffhanger, and we’re to tune in next time to see what happens. Pops just keeps mumbling “Eugene, what have you gotten yourself into?” as the episode fades out.

Then the announcer wraps up and references this site. I went to this site tonight and it has seemingly no relation to the radio show.

I have yet to determine what relation this show has to this Christian radio station, or Christianity itself, or good entertainment for that matter. But it did cause me to waste the time writing this post…

I guess I caught a stange slice of a popular radio show. The official site is , not “” as I thought from the broadcast. This makes much more sense. It’s a show called Adventures in Odyssey.

In fact, you can listen to the broadcast if you want–go to the daily radio archive pages here. The show I heard was the Friday 3/28 show, “Grand Opening, Part 2.” The part of the clip I listened to started at about 20:03 minutes in.

A quote from the clip: “How do I know you’re not part of the weird secret things?!”

Maybe it is a little bizarre at that.

It’s my sister’s birthday today. On this day in 1965, things got a little bit brighter here on planet Earth.

It was a good year overall, too. I mean after all, the Beatles came out with Rubber Soul in 1965. Maybe it’s my sister’s birth album (I have no idea what her birthstone is–diamond?).

People who make the biggest dents in the universe are often the people with the biggest axes to grind.

Psychologically and organizationally speaking, of course.

I’m sick. Thanks, Brad. No more close physical contact with you, buddy.

I went to work anyway today, and at noon it was suggested that I take some echinacea (3 tablets). This was a first for me, but why not? If I could kick this cold faster, great.

An hour later, my right eye went dark. My left eye wasn’t far behind it. I could still see somewhat, but it was disturbing to find myself going halfway blind in less than an hour. I wondered if I was having some sort of weird stroke, but in the end I can only trace it to the echinacea.

It eventually wore off (slowly), and I drank four glasses of water to help flush this crap from my system.

I think I’m allergic to echinacea. I don’t think I’ll take it again.

My question at dinner tonight: which vegetable do they get vegetable oil from?

These are the questions that torture my soul…

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