January 2003

Drew on vacation at Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lisa’s in Florida just after Christmas. The real secret is that he wore this during the entire car trip down to Sarasota!

I’m still here and ready to join the living. I’ll try to post a few more items this week–I have a lot to catch up on. My company’s new (first?) focus, my grandmother’s death (and the resulting odyssey to get to her funeral), my trip to Florida (odyssey number two, in the blinding snowstorm on Christmas night), my Two Towers trip, some tales of the dark days of Dave (the Penn State Regatta and the assault on Joan Jett comes to mind right now), and perhaps a retrospective on the many cars I’ve owned (and totalled). Cheers, all–hope you and yours are doing well.

Oh, I forgot–I’ll put up some pics, too.