January 2005

It’s in beta but go to http://video.google.com to see what’s up. Search on any term or name.

Because Lego Escher is just too cool.

This one is cool, too.

I’m not quite sure what to say. It’a Les Paul all right–check out the story.

I’ve been saying this for six months, but no one will believe me. With H.264 compression, Quicktime, and the iTunes store, Apple will find a way to sell video to you over the Internet just like it does with iTunes music. All the pieces were demonstrated in July, and now in January the industry partnerships have begun to emerge. Cringely puts it well–check out his column this week. The Mac Mini may be the first of such video devices, but it won’t be the last. I also look for package deals from Apple: buy a Mac Mini and a movie membership or gift certificate to the iTunes video store, get a nice package price. Add a nice Sony HDTV to that and you’ve got a deal. Or buy the TV and get the Mac Mini. However you want it.

Not quite.

Have you no shame? (grin)

Just wanted to say happy birthday to Kevin Corcoran today (because his birthday is today–it all syncs together, strangely enough). I was thinking the other day, for no particular reason, that Kevin is the only guy I know who solved the Rubik’s Cube by grabbing a pencil and piece of paper and figuring it out in theory. I always thought it was pretty cool (the figuring, not the Rubik’s Cube).

Also I just want to state for the record, that Kevin Corcoran has nothing to do with this new book I found on the Internet today:

He’d never be caught dead as the US president (or change his name to Tom, for that matter).

Peter David writes that Will Eisner has passed away from complications due to his quadruple heart bypass.

Most of you probably won’t know him, but the man was a giant in his field. One of the quotes attributed to him in PAD’s comments:

“Style is the failure to be perfect.”



We’ve just moved the entire site, including all archives (but not comments, which I archived separately) over to Tangelo. We’re live now, and I hope to rebuild the templates and add comments soon. BTW, you have no idea how much time I’ve spent in the past year policing my comments on Splitfocus. Comment spammers have flooded me with as many as 600 comments per day at times, and in fact I’ve spent more time cleaning up comments than actually writing for the site.

At any rate, Tangelo is a welcome breath of fresh air. Desktop publishing under my control–gotta love it.

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